Two Slice Hilly

1. I saw The Help with Jamie, her mom, and my mom.  Love those women!  And the potato galette at La Madeleine!  I knew the book would be better than the movie because the book is extraordinary, but the movie was still really really good.  I was in one of those moods where I was completely unemotional.  This is very unlike me as I cry at Publix commercials.  If you don’t, apparently you haven’t seen the one where the young man couldn’t come home for Thanksgiving because he is on call, so his family surprises him.  Tearjerker.  At this movie, I didn’t shed a single tear, so I’ll need to see it again.  However, this lack of emotion didn’t stop me from hating Hilly!  The casting was perfect.  Take your mom and go see it!
2. Friday I went with Ryan, Sloan, and Mikey to the Falcons pre-season game.  While Atlanta lost when they shouldn’t have, it was nice to be back at a football game.  College starts really soon.  In fact, my tickets just came in the mail last week and my section is pretty good!  Hopefully I’ll see some shade this year!

3. I love Amazon.  My sunscreen covered hands dropped my Kindle last week ruining the screen and Amazon sent me a brand new, free Kindle.  How nice!  Maybe I need to invest in a cover.

4. Is it fall yet?  I’m ready for cooler weather.

5. I finished The Swan House for book club last week, and it was amazing.  The story takes place in Atlanta in the 60s and it was neat to know all the street names and parks.  Plus, the story itself is really good.  Two thumbs up.
7. Six years ago yesterday was my first bid day.  It was SO much fun and it was the start to some great friendships!  Then, last night one of those great friends called to tell me she and her husband were having a baby!  Ahhh!!!  SO excited for her because I know they’ll make great parents!

How quickly six years goes by…
It really is true; the friends you make in college are the best.



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