As Atlanta as Waffle House

With football less than two weeks away, I wanted to make full use of my Saturdays.  I love football, but I’m definitely going to miss sleeping in and reading all morning.

This weekend, Sloaner and I made bacon pancakes.  We were inspired from Pinterest.

First, you cook the bacon and put it in the pan and cover it in batter.  Then, cover it in syrup.

These were really good.  I’ve had bacon and pancakes in the same meal before, but the whole fact that they’re together makes the whole clogging arteries thing seem more like a reality.  Don’t worry, that didn’t stop me from eating two.

Then, I headed off to the Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market.  This farmer’s market is ranked one of the best in Atlanta.  I was looking for some fresh fruit, but it turned out that all of the vendors had more specialty foods- organic meat, pesto, soap, $6 jams.  And they were sold out of tomatoes.  I did score a fresh baguette and King of Pops popsicle, which is a well known popsicle cart in Atlanta.  Food trucks are making their way back into the city, and King of Pops is leading the way with organic popsicles.  Delicious!

That afternoon, Daynes and I lunched at the Swan Coach House.  The Swan House was built by the Inmans in the 20s in Buckhead and is now part of the Atlanta History Center.  It was also the setting for the book I just read (The Swan House by Elizabeth Musser).  The carriage house of the Swan House was turned into the Swan Coach House, which is now a restaurant, art gallery, and event venue.  Really, it’s the place where all the women in Atlanta lunch.
I highly recommend the spinach quiche and Daynes’ frozen fruit salad was delicious!

It was a lovely Saturday!

Now that I realized all that I ate, I’m going to go run…


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