Three Days and Counting

The Dawgs open the season in our beloved Sanford Stadium the Georgia Dome this Saturday, and the majority of the talk is about the Nike Pro Combat uniforms.

Yes, they aren’t silver britches, but seriously, can we talk about something else?  Why does it matter so much what they wear?  Just go play football and win.  I know it matters what I wear and especially what superstitious Sloan wears.  She has been known to move people around at games and make sure she has the correct jewelry and apparel as the last win.   It’s a fashion statement for us girls, and I’m tired of being told what color to wear to a game.

Auburn blackout may have been the best game ever, but it’s over.  Black helmets won’t make you beat Florida.  Going out there and scoring touchdowns will.

Now, I’ll step down from my soap box.

Am I excited?  Well, YES!!  This is my team!  My passion, especially for the next 12 weeks.  That’s what makes me a fan I guess, the fact that every year, I think “well, this is probably the year we’re going to win the MNC!”  But don’t worry because this year it will actually happen.

Plus, I’m ready to be back with these people
Go Dawgs!!


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