Worse than drinking sour milk

We lost.

It was as if we never left Memphis.

I’m not even going to talk about the game because nothing changed from last season, and everything I would say would be a repeat of GTP and Seth Emerson.  In fact, after last season, I’ve gotten fairly good at losing.  Something I would like to change.

We started the morning with a nice spread of mimosas, breakfast casserole, fruit, and of course Krispy Kreme.  KK have become staples to tailgating.  Yum!

Then, we headed down to the tailgate.  The boys set it up at 7am.  Bless them because Lord knows I wasn’t getting up that early when the game wasn’t until 8PM.  AND in that heat.  Oh, it was HOT.  and HUMID.  Yuck.  Luckily, they even brought the tv.

It was great to be back with everyone.

There we go

Herschel was there.

So was fanny pack boy with a Blue man group type suit.  Who decided to make these things and sell them on the internet?

The unis

I obviously didn’t take pictures during or after the game.  I was too busy screaming and watching videos on recycling.  We were shown a video of a player telling us to recycle during every tv timeout.

Best part of the day (other than getting the free Chick-fil-a card in my seat):

Me: So, I guess I should recycle more.
James: Yeah, it was definitely Blair Walsh that really got me.  I’m definitely recycling.
Now, we shall see how next week against South Carolina goes.

Bring on the visor.


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