To kick off NY Fashion Week

I love the game of football.  Yes, I do.  However, there’s more to it than just a game.  In the South, the first game is our version of New York Fashion Week.  At first you think, “really, are rompers in?” and then you see a girl rocking it so well, you think, “maybe I can get behind this movement.”  Only, we’ll see what trend this season brings.

Being an alum, I have the privilege of not having to dress up as much.  Plus, it’s hard to look good when you’re sweating in 100+ degree heat.  I could wear shorts to a game and I’m definitely not wearing heels, but I’ll never wear a hoodie.  This is the SEC.  We’re like veteran Prada except the college students still have Daddy’s credit card.

Keeping up with gameday tradition, I made a skirt for last weekend’s game.

It’s kind of hard to find fabric that has both red and black in it, so when I found a cute red/black pattern back in January, I bought a few yards knowing I’d eventually use it.
 I had three thoughts while sewing this skirt.

1. It must have taken people FOREVER to sew without sewing machines back in the day.  This easy skirt took me some time, so I am grateful to live in this time.

2. How did people sew without Youtube?  I used this video.  I even sewed a liner in it.  While I may be the only girl my age who still wears a slip, liners are much cooler than a nylon slip in the South in the summer.
 3. Zippers are hard to sew, especially when you’re banking on adjusting the width with where you sew the zipper and it makes your skirt a little uneven.  Whoops.

Gotta run, Victoria Beckham’s calling.


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