Bad Timing

Last Monday I woke up and felt horrible.  I could feel my tonsils and my whole throat was swollen.  It felt like a bad head cold, but I was out of town for work, so I didn’t do anything about it, except maybe complain some.

I found this on Sloan’s pinterest.  I could have used it.

Probably just a head cold.

Then, I woke up to get ready for the game Saturday morning and started crying out of pain.  A migraine that felt as if there were bricks inside my head expanding.  I tooks some meds and knew that they would cure me in the 15 minutes before Matt came to pick me up.  Well, that was false hope.  I didn’t go to the game.  Instead, my sweet mom took me to the clinic and confirmed that I had a sinus infection.

I can’t remember the last time I missed a home game.  This was not easy.

Since the game was on pay per view, I listened to it on the radio.

If I’m going to miss a game, I’m glad it was Coastal Carolina.  I guess I just feel for Larry Munson.

A little to my surprise, my Dawgs did just fine without me.  First win of the season! 59-0!

Don’t worry, I’ll be back and ready for Ole Miss!


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