Turning a new leaf

Autumn begins tomorrow, and I’m excited!  I’ve really really missed this season and its crisp mornings.

Isn’t using “autumn” so much fancier than using “fall?”  I’m all about being fancy.

This season is wonderful.  The clothes are perfect.  I get to wear items I love- my trench, leggings, boots!

Then, the leaves changes and oh it is just gorgeous!!

The picture below is from the Glake Creek Grist Mill in West Virginia.  We went there years ago for my mom’s birthday, and it really is as pretty as the picture.

The food in fall autumn is hearty and delicious, except when people go overboard with pumpkin and even convince themselves that those bakes pumpkin seeds are good.

The whole season I look forward to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, the holy day of eating and watching the Cowboys.
They are after all God’s team.

Plus, this week the shows started back up.  The Kardashians were entertaining for the summer, but I missed Modern Family and Big Bang Theory.

Autumn, I welcome you with open arms and of course a light jacket.


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