Let’s have a celebration, the Galinda way!

Truth: I love musicals.  The Sound of Music.  Oklahoma!  Fiddler on the Roof.  Bye Bye Birdie.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  West Side Story.  Grease.  Newsies.  To name a few.

Katie and Jenna used to listen to the Wicked soundtrack in the sorority house, but for some unknown reason that I wish I could take back time and change, I didn’t get into it.  I didn’t know the storyline.  Fast forward to this summer when Sloan explained everything to me on a road trip.  I fell in love.

I had the Wicked soundtrack on repeat all last week, and let’s hope the guys around me didn’t hear me belting “For Good.”

My friends have seen it multiple times, one even with the original cast and others in the West End.  Sloan even named her blog after it.

We headed to the Fabulous Fox after brunch on Sunday.
Let me tell you, it was AMAZING!!  I love musicals, and this is at the top!!  Now, I know why they have seen it so many times.  Those people can sing like no other, and I just love the characters and the story.  I really can’t get over how great it was!

“Popular”  This song is so witty, plus I love Kristin Chenoweth.

“Defying Gravity” Kristin and Idina Menzel.  Their voices are incredible.

Thanks for the accompanying me, ladies!


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