Nashty #DawgsSon #GotToBelieve

We headed to the Music City last weekend to play Vanderbilt.

I love Nashville with its dueling pianos, honky-tonks, and of course the ability to wear cowboy boots!

James was a wonderful host letting everyone crash at his place and then making biscuits and gravy for breakfast!

The weather was perfect and everything was going great until a lady kicked everyone out of our tailgate area about hours after we had started tailgating there.  It was rather odd, and the police said she should have planned ahead.

Luckily, Ryan’s uncle had friends down the street who let us use their yard.  The mom even had cute fall decorations!

The game was basically a home game for us.
That was the night the lights went out in Nashville.  Literally, the lights weren’t working properly.

The game was frustrating, but halftime was fun.

After some fighting, we won!  It was a nasty win and we did not play up to our level as always, but it’s behind us.

9 SEC stadiums down, 2 to go (ignoring Florida of course and Kyle Field since I’ve been there and it’s not the SEC yet)


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