Hey Doll

Once upon a time jeans were born.  They really made things casual yet comfortable and great for cowboys.  However, they had their limits after Thanksgiving dinner.

Over on the other side of the fashion pond lived leggings.  They haven’t been around the block as much as jeans have and are only acceptable for girls, but they take comfort to a new level.  They can be worn under dresses, in the place of pants at times, or even as pajamas.  Great piece but still, a lot of elastic for someone my age.

Then, something wonderful happened.  Jeans and leggings got together.
I introduce to you, jeggings, the best combination of trousers ever.

You know they have to be amazing when they have a blended name, just like the not so amazing couples, Brangelina and Bennifer (the J-Lo version).

Thank you fashion world for this great fusion.  Getting my pants to fit into boots is much easier.  Plus, it looks like I’m wearing jeans, but don’t be fooled!


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