Last Thanksgiving, Sloan did a post on 50 things for which she was thankful.  Great idea!  She stole the idea from The Frugal Girl, and I’m now stealing it from both of them.  They should be thankful.

Onto the list…

1. Thanksgiving.  Oh the irony in being thankful for Thanksgiving, but really, it is my favorite holiday.  Food, football, and family.

2. Honey Bunches of Oats.  I start every morning with them and have moved from the family size to the giant size box.

3. The man at work who leads a devotional in the mornings

4. Thank you cards- sending and receiving

5. Music.  I love it all.  George Strait.  Coldplay. Mozart.  Basically anything but heavy metal.

6. JK Rowling for giving us Harry Potter

7. Being a twin

8. Modern Family.  I love lots of tv shows, but this one is hilarious

9. My parents for still being in love

10. My roommates for being funny and encouraging

11. Google reader.  How else would I keep up with all the blogs I follow?

12. Wills and Kate.  They make me happy.

13. Fall on the East Coast.  Have you seen the trees this year?

14.  Being from a big family.  It makes holidays much more fun!

15. UGA

16. My season tickets

17. Running.  Stress relief

18. My job.  Very fortunate that I love what I do.

19. Excel.  The other day we were talking at work that if Microsoft came in and said we are charging you $500,000 for Excel, we wouldn’t even blink because it is so amazing.

20. Twitter

21. My dermatologist

22. Cowboy boots

23. My trip to PEI

24. the Today Show

25. Running water and a place to live

26. Clothes and shoes

27. That I was raised in a church going family

28. My cousin for protecting our country

29. That we beat Florida.  and Auburn.  and Tennessee this year

30. That I moved growing up and was forced to meet new people

31. my Kindle

32. Earl Grey tea

33. Grace and Mercy

34. That I’ve traveled quite a bit across the country and some abroad and even had the opportunity to study abroad

35. Plans to travel more again

36. Bananas for making me healthy

37. My friends for being wonderful

38. For having a bed to sleep in every night (I may appreciate this more today after sharing a room with my snoring sister this week)

39. Target and its proximity to my house

40. Hats

41. Horses, the only good animal besides dogs.

42. Movies.  Good ones and funny ones.

43. Anne of Green Gables

44. Being from the South and growing up in Texs

45. Dancing, especially impromptu dance parties

46. Games.  Board games.  The Kelly game.

47. Wine

48. Mountains when they are covered in snow so I can ski down them

49. Children.  They’re funny and have amazing hearts.

50. Broadway musicals

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Hook em and Go Cowboys!


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