Czech out my Kolaches

When we had every holiday at my grandma’s house in Dallas, it was my uncle’s responsibility to stop at the Czech Stop in West, TX on his way up I-35.  You see, a long time ago, a group of Czechs settled in West and I am forever grateful because along with them they brought the beloved kolache, which my uncle then brought to us.

Ever since we moved from Texas, holidays have been lacking kolaches.  For the non-Czech and non-Texan readers, a kolache is a pastry filled with fruit.  Kolaches filled with cherries.  Kolaches with sausage and even jalapeno sausage for the brave.  Kolaches filled with my favorite, cream cheese.

I’m always up for a baking challenge, so the my sister, the Big Lady, and I decided to tackle kolaches.

I used the wonderful Homesick Texan’s recipe, which is adapted from Texas Monthly and the Houston Chronicle.  For the filling, I used this recipe.

Letting the dough rise

Kneading the dough
Letting the dough rise again
Forming the kolaches
Then, the dough rises again.  Yes, that is three times.  Quite timely but really it is nice because it allows for breaks.

While the dough is rising, I made the cream cheese filling and the posypka.
Then, they were coming together!

After going in the oven

They came out like this!
 They tasted more like a danish than a kolache, which is still delicious, and everyone loves Denmark.  I can’t say that I will make them again though they weren’t as much work as PW’s cinnamon rolls, but they were good!


One thought on “Czech out my Kolaches

  1. My grandma lives in Texas AND is Czech. I’ve made many stops at the Czech Stop with my parents, and eaten many of their kolaches. So this post made me happy! :)

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