It was my mom’s in the 80s… Vintage, so adorable

Annie, Abbie, and I headed down to where the Scott’s Antique Market this past weekend.  I had never been, but luckily I was in the hands of pros.

The outdoor area is for people who are all about good deals.  I guess the inside is for good deals too, but unlike me, those shoppers have large pockets.

There was some garage sale type stuff, but most of it was pretty neat, especially if you are creative.  Like Abbie for instance, she and Annie found crystals from old chandeliers and will make them into ornaments.

Annie found a stool that she put lace (I love lace!) over and is now using as a bedside table and Abbie found a sewing table.
The sewing table has a ruler in it!
Annie also found some pretty handkerchiefs, which she will sew together.

I, on the other hand, bought a wheel that was used as a goat cart.  Why do I need this?  No idea.  Though I’m sure it could be something sold at Restoration Hardware for much more.

The woman bought it in Germany in the 80s.  I was sold once she said Germany, don’t worry though, I talked her down on price.

I can see me Heidi now pulling goats up the mountain to go see her grandfather.


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