The Oscars: Christmas Edition

Everyone has their opinions on the best Christmas movies.

Here is the actual list in no particular order.
White Christmas
“It must be wonderful in Vermont this time of year, all that snow…”

Danny Kaye.  Bing Crosby.  Rosemary Clooney (did you know that’s George Clooney’s aunt?).  It is the perfect classic Christmas movie with all the singing, dancing choreography, and romance.  I think my dad always dreamed that my sisters and I would put on a show like the Haynes sisters.  They really should still be making movies like this.

The Santa Clause
“Everybody likes Denny’s, it’s an American institution.”

Kris Kringle.  Sinterklaas.  Pere Noel.  Babbo Natale.  Pelznickel.  Topo Gigio!  Scott Calvin is Santa Claus.  From the CD (cookie dispenser) with Judy’s hot chocolate to Neil’s sweaters, there’s a lot to love in this movie.

A Christmas Story

Boy with fighter glasses: I like Santa.
Ralphie: Don’t bother me, I’m thinking.
Boy with fighter glasses: I like The Wizard of Oz.  I like the Tin Man.

I have a theory that there are two types of families.  Those that watch Christmas Vacation and those that watch A Christmas Story.  I happen to be of the latter.  While Christmas Vacation is quite funny, I didn’t grow up watching it and well, it doesn’t win the 24 hour marathon that  A Christmas Story deserves.  So if you disagree, fa-ra-ra-ra-ra.

Love Actually

I HATE Uncle Jamie.”

My dreams made true.  A movie with both Colin Firth and Hugh Grant and unlike Bridget Jones, they’re both good in this one.  Winning!

I can watch this one all year.  In fact, I do watch it all year.  There are many characters with so many great actors, but you feel like you know all of them and yes, maybe it is possible for ten year olds to fall in love.  Plus, the Hugh Grant dance scene is the best.  Jump for my love!

The Muppet Christmas Carol
Gonzo: My name is Charles Dickens.
Rizzo: And my name is Rizzo the Rat.

Classis are great.  Classic with the Muppets are superb.  Miss Piggy and Kermit are together.  Gonzo and Rizzo narrate.  All is right with the world.  Plus, it is quite witty.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
“It’s a nice night for a neck injury.”

This is my favorite.  When Marissa and I lived in the dorms freshmen year, we would quiz each other on Home Alone trivia.  It’s the only way I could remember that Uncle Rob lives at 51 West 95th Street.  I love the first one too, but the second one is superior.  Don’t we all wish we were that creative when we were ten years old, let alone now?  Kevin McCallister, you are my hero.


5 thoughts on “The Oscars: Christmas Edition

  1. Fantastic blog. Love all these movies. I love Christmas Vacation and Christmas Story! I have to agree that the second home alone is better then the first one.

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