Dashing through the Snow

Sorry for the delay in blogging.  I’ve had a sinus infection.  Don’t feel too bad though because this has been a great excuse to watch season 2 of Downton Abbey.  It was wonderful by the way.  It doesn’t come out in the US until January, but luckily, I have my ways.  Plus, there’s a special on Christmas day.  I can’t wait.

Onto the weekend.

When Laura was in high school, we used to go to her Christmas orchestra concert.  Christmas music just makes the holiday season.

Matt, our friend Jose, and I would get quite a laugh out of watching Amanda’s orchestra teacher shake his backside during the performance.

My favorite part of the performance was the song “Sleigh Ride” because of the whip.  You wait for it and then CRACK!

So Friday, I went with my parents and brother to see the Atlanta Symphony perform “A Very Merry Holiday Pops.”
 Well, it was delightful.  They were so so talented.  Plus, the singers and piano player were amazing.
 “Sleigh Ride” was played as well as my other favorite “Carol of the Bells.”  The conductor was funny and talkative, and I love loved the symphony.  What a treat!

On Saturday, we had the annual roommate Christmas party.  It was great.  Slotten came all the way from Australia.   Ok so he came home for Christmas but perfect timing.  Daynes and Brian drove from Athens.  Plus, I got to see friends I don’t see on a regular basis.  I really enjoyed getting to talk to everyone.  Plus, every party with Catchphrase is a winner.

I only took one picture the entire night, which is super nice sometimes.  Better to live the moment than to pause and snap a pic.

However, the one picture I did snag is for my loyal reader, Daynes’ mom.  I told her I would!
Merry Christmas everyone!


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