The Beef Stew Marathon

Another post about cooking and it’s not even your own recipe?  Well, yes; I love food.

I received this amazing Dutch oven for Christmas and I was excited about it, which I guess makes me a real adult.  You see, one year for Christmas, my sisters started asking for lamp shades.  Matt and I thought that was just crazy.  Why would you ever ask for that?  Thus, my time has come.  Hello wonderful Dutch oven that is pretty and blue.

I decided to make beef stew and eat off it all week because that’s a better idea than devouring having a bowl of spaghetti or cereal every night.

I used this recipe and substituted celery for peas because peas are gross.

Doesn’t the meat with flour look like puppy chow?

As you can tell by the picture, this stew had too many potatoes and not enough meat.  The first night it was a good meal but now that I’m on day four of stew and salad for supper, I’m really over it.  More potatoes than needed, not much flavor.

While I love stew, I think I’ll pick a different recipe next time!


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