and baby will make three!

I made pretty, smart, funny, but mostly pretty friends in college.
 and now they’re doing adult things like getting married, buying houses, and having babies, so next time we go to the beach together like this, there will be more of us!

Katie’s shower for baby Hannah was this past weekend.  You know when you have two great friends and they’re perfect for each other and then when they have a baby, you think wow, that is going to be one fun kid.  Well, that is Katie and Joey.

The hosts did a lovely job.

I mean, the detail everywhere.  They were good.

Jenna bought baby books and had everyone write a note to the baby.  I’m so stealing this idea!  So thoughtful.

Plus, I tried cake pops.  I’m not a huge cake fan, but cake pops were delicious.  These tasted like a fudge brownie.  Yum-o!
The baby shower was a good excuse to see everyone.  Plus, baby girl clothes are super cute and I got to sew baby Hannah this dress!

Can’t wait to steal her for the weekend babysit and see her wear it!


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