Cake Pops

I’m not really a cake person.  I’d rather have ice cream or better yet pie or brownies, but at Katie’s baby shower a few weeks ago, I had a cake pop and I was surprised.  They were delicious.  Almost like brownies with fudge.

I first heard about cake pops from Bakerella and they looked hard to make because she makes them into all different holiday designs and animals, but I kept it simple and they were pretty easy, just a little time consuming.

I used this recipe from the world wide web.

It felt weird breaking up a perfectly good cake but you mix the cake with frosting into little balls.

and it was messy  They go in the fridge overnight
 and then you dip lollipop sticks into candy melts and let that sit
 Then the hard part is dipping the whole thing into a candy melt and hoping that it stays on the lollipop stick.  I had a few failures.  My lovely assistant Whitney helped pour the sprinkles on the cake pops.
Ta da!

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