Can I get a… Wu Wu… Bounce with me..

I didn’t brave Target for the Missoni craze mainly because I didn’t know about it in advance, and even if I had, multi-colored stripes can only be worn so many times.

Since I was up early on Sunday, I decided to go to Target for the Jason Wu collection.  I first heard about Jason Wu when he designed Michelle Obama’s inauguration gown.
I got there 15 minutes before it opened and to my surprise, only had 10 people ahead of me in line.  Everyone was nice too, so I knew I wouldn’t get trampled on!

I ran quickly walked to this lace clutch and got the last one.  Oh, how I love lace!  I really think they only had about three of each accessory and each size in the clothes.
I browsed the clothes and by the time I got there two minutes later, stuff was already picked through.

I grabbed a bunch of dresses because you just never know, but the sizes were running big.  Maybe better for girls with how should I say it, have more up top.  The collection was simple with mostly A-lines, very wearable to work.  I ended up with these two pieces
It was the most times I’ve ever heard “oh yeah, with a belt” in a dressing room.


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