The stars at night are big and bright

If you don’t know the rest of the words to the title, I’m sorry you haven’t had the privilege of living in the best state, Texas.  Or you must have missed Sheldon Cooper singing it.

My cousin was married about a month ago in Houston, so the whole family went!

In no other state would

Goodwill change their logo to the state flag (We also found a Chi straightener with the Texas flag.  Ballin.)
have Nolan Ryan beef
or for it to be normal for a man to wear a hat and boots at Cracker Barrel.  Seba couldn’t believe it, but that’s Texas.

Once the plane touched down, Matt, Laura, and I headed straight to Shipley’s.  Priorities.
 Then we headed to lunch to get our share of faijtas.  There weren’t enough meals in the trip to get my filling of all the best Texas food, but that’s not for lack of trying.

A few of us stayed with my cousin from the other side of the family, Carrie and her husband Brian.  Super nice of them to have us!
It wouldn’t be a vacation with my family without going to a museum.

We headed the place where I lost my first tooth, the Space Center.
 I only have one picture of the rehearsal dinner and few of the wedding because it is hard to coordinate pictures with lots of family, and I wish I did because Matt was James Brown  on the dance floor.  Maybe later!

I finally had an excuse and the courage to wear a fascinator!  All my cousins together again!!

Congratulations Scott and Samantha!


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