Pretty Pretty Princess

My friend Buzzy (that’s her maiden name that we still use as her first name because why wouldn’t you with a name like that) started Buzzy Craftery a few years ago.  What’s a craftery?  Well, it’s a crafting factory: event planning, graphic design, sewing, everything.  Buzzy has no limits.  Hire her.  She’s good.

Buzzy was in charge of coordinating the My Princess Dance, a daddy daughter Valentine’s dance, and Whitney and I helped along with some of our other friends for the night.
 There were cupcakes galore.  Plus a castle!

And even a dad in a kilt!
But best of all there were tons of dads with their daughters.  They let them have as many strawberries dipped in the chocolate fountain as they wanted.  The only time they pulled out their phones was to take pictures of their sweet daughters.

They danced with them all night!It made me want to be a princess and be there with my dad.

Until reality hit and I realized I had to carry the trash to the dumpster in the rain when I forgot my rain jacket and am still getting over a cold.  But at least I was doing it with my best friend!


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