I have a voice

I usually get way more into the red carpet part of the Oscars than the awards, but last year was different.  Last year, I probably saw three movies all year, but one of them was The King’s Speech, and I LOVED that movie.  I stayed up waiting for my boy Colin Firth to win Best Actor, and he did it!

This year was different.  I’ve seen quite a lot of movies, mostly thanks to Matt’s job.  His boss happens to be a member of the Academy.

I’ve seen
Good but I was in a funk during it and was too in love with the book to try and love the movie, though they all did a very good job

Fabulous!  It is HP after all.

Good for math and baseball lovers and also a pretty good movie

Meryl makes this.  The movie itself isn’t very good because it’s all about Margaret Thatcher getting over her husband’s death and how she isn’t the same and barely covers her time as prime minister, but Meryl does a great job.  I mean, when doesn’t she?This is witty and funny and wonderful.  Best writing.  Plus, Jason Segel is awesome.  George Clooney is pretty convincing that he would be a distant dad but I think that’s how he would be in real life too.  The emotions are very real as you can only imagine how angry you would be if your wife won’t wake up from a coma when you just found out she has been having an affair.  

This was a fantastic movie.  Very interesting storyline making you want to reread The Great Gatsby.  
I give this an A-/B+.  It was pretty emotional at times and sweet.  Joey the horse did a fantastic job.  Plus, the main actor is cute.  Also, nice and convenient that everyone in WWI spoke English.

I was very impressed with this young actor in his first movie.  As far as the movie, it was engaging and not so much about 9/11.

I loved this movie.  Michelle Williams was incredible.  I really thought she was Marilyn.

This was really funny but at times, it was also too much for me.   just couldn’t get over the part where they were crossing the street sick.  Ewwww. But I did love the van full of puppies!

So after over 40 years of marriage and the passing of the mother, the dad comes out.  Very different part from Captain Von Trapp.  It was an under the radar movie that was actually pretty light and the dog was great.

Eh?  This was ok and the mermaids were weird.

I loved loved this movie.  I sobbed and sobbed.  Based on a true story too.

Don’t watch this movie in the dark when you’re tired.  Besides that, this fantastic film went back to a different time.  You had to rely on the facial expressions of the actors and they did a great job.

The only Best Picture movie I haven’t seen is Hugo and frankly, I found the trailer to not be that enticing, but I guess I was wrong since it has the most nominations.

We shall see if my films win on Sunday!


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