The Red Carpet

Sloan beat me to posting about the red carpet, but I’ll still give my two cents because you know, I deserve to judge these people as I sit on the couch in sweats.

Jessica Chastain was my favorite.  I mean, it is McQueen.  Their detail is amazing and the coloring is perfect on her.
I also loved Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton.
Tina Fey also rocked the peplum.  I loved her hair.
Rooney Mara’s dress was perfect for her.   
Everyone loved Natalie Portman’s Dior outfit, but I wasn’t crazy about the polka dots.  The cut was elegant, and it is super impressive that the dress is from 1954.
Meryl.  She really is the best.  Plus, she got a kiss from Colin Firth at the end of the night.
Emma Stone.  Love her.  Though it does look just like what Nicole Kidman wore in 2007.  Both so pretty!
Cameron Diaz.  Liked the bottom of the dress but she could have used more bling.
Sandra.  Glam.
Stacy Keibler.  I loved her hair on the side.  Maj.
Maya Rudolph also did the side hair and looked fab.
I was happy to see Octavia Spencer win!

I was not a fan of Gwyneth.  Tom Ford is great but the cape was too much.  She just wants to be different.
Viola Davis.  Love the color but it was a lot of top exposed for me.  I need to do her arm workouts.  She looks great.
The one I hated the most was of course JLo.  Gross.
And then there was Angelina’s leg, which already has its own twitter account.
I loved the guys who accepted their award from her.  

I didn’t think I would post that much, but I love gowns.  The only thing better would be having an excuse to wear a gown with a tiara.  Oh to be royal.

The couple of the night
That’s a wrap!


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