Brunch, the better option

I feel like Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother” when he and Lily are broken up and misses having someone to go to brunch with him.

I love brunch.  Best meal of the day.  I like cooking it.  I like going out to eat for it.

On Saturday, I met up with some Junior League friends to go to an event, but beforehand, we went to Highland Bakery.  I had been wanting to try this place out for quite some time now since it is in the top 5 brunch restaurants in the city.

The menu has variety with both breakfast and lunch options.

I went for the eggs option with hot tea.  Pretty basic but delicious.  I did like that the drinks came in to go cups.

My friend Hannah tried the peanut butter french toast after we had heard rave reviews.

When it came to the table, we were amazed.  It was made up of four loaves of challah bread.  Needless to say, she had leftovers, but she did enjoy it.  I tried a bite, and wow, it was sweet.
 I’ll be back and next time I’m going to try a scone from the bakery and mix it up!

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