My favorite things right now

1. Mad Men is back.  Finally!  After watching each episode, I love to read the analysis from this site.

2. Bluebonnets.  I’m not in Texas right now, but if I was, I’d see this
3. This bag.  Grey, which goes with everything, and it has the option of being either a satchel or a shoulder bag.  Luckily, I reasoned that I shouldn’t spend over $400 on a bag, though bags and hair are the accessories you wear everyday.
 4. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer.  Chap stick + lip stick.  Jamie turned me onto this and then I turned Amanda onto it.  I only wish it stayed on longer.

5. The weather right now.  I love spring.  Azaleas.  Dogwoods.  Tulips.  Everything is blooming.  Perfect windows rolled down weather.

6. The Masters Music on CBS because that means it’s Master’s week!

7. Living with girls.  Dance parties are the best.



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