Reunited and it feels so good

When most people look back on their middle school years, they are glad they don’t have to go back and do that again.

But not me.

I am extremely lucky in that I had a group of girls that were the best.  Like soul sisters.  The only problem was that I moved away for high school, so keeping in touch was hard over the years.  However, Tara is the best at keeping up with everyone.  For example, her friends who live in Norway whom she studied abroad with in Australia are coming to her wedding.  The girl is good.

So a few weekends ago, I reunited with my best friends from middle school for Tara’s bachelorette party in Pittsburgh.

When we were all together last, we looked like this
I remember really loving those overalls.
We had some fabulous sleepovers and took advantage of Lisa a few times…
We kept up some over the years

but it sure was great to all be together again!

Friday night we headed to the Hofbräuhaus where they let the West Virginia girls sing along to John Denver’s “Country Roads.”
Saturday night was the actual bachelorette party.  We took a limo out on the town!

It was a great weekend with old friends!  I’m really looking forward to the wedding!


2 thoughts on “Reunited and it feels so good

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