Move over cupcakes, pie is in town

Cake is ok.  Cookies are good.  Brownies and ice cream are really good, but pie is best.

A few months ago, I read an article in Atlanta Magazine and another in the AJC about a fairly new place in Buckhead, The Pie Shop.

It was rated #1 pie in Atlanta, so we decided this would be the perfect place for May Restaurant Club.  We would all rather have pie for dinner anyway.  Plus, it’s cheaper.
 Sloan, Whitney, Jess, and I each picked a different type of pie: strawberry and candied lemon, ganache, blackberry custard, and classic apple.
We also had some homemade ice cream and Sloan made the smart decision of getting whip cream, which I of course tasted multiple times.

They even serve water in Mason jars.
We took turns trying each other’s pie.  I got the apple because that is my favorite, but I ended up liking the strawberry candied lemon the best.
Don’t get me wrong, they were all absolutely delicious.  I want to go back all the time and try every type.


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