I’m not happy about it, but I’m back

I actually got back last Monday night, but jet lag on the way back was not my friend.  I tried to stay awake but kept going to bed at 7pm.  Thus, I am just now blogging.

We had an incredible trip holiday.  It was perfect.  Quality time with my mom mum.  Only a day and a half of rain.  I got to see the entire royal family.  Basically, my life is now complete.

It was nice to be back in my own bed and not have to carry my suitcase up five flights of stairs anymore, but I could have stayed forever.  As long as my family and friends came too.

I’m going to try to blog about each day from the trip, so get ready!  Luckily, Sloan’s journal will help jog my memory.

Just like I did while in Canada, here are some things that I found were slightly different from the States.  Ok, so neither Canada nor Great Britain is that different from the US, but you get the picture.

1. Well the obvious is that they drive on the left side of the road with the steering wheel on the right side.  We rented a car and experienced this first hand.  I’ll share the video of driving later.  Kind of scary sitting in what in America is the driver seat and you feel super close to the parked cars on tiny streets.
 2. There are not stop signs, only roudabouts, which really aren’t that bad.  It helps keep traffic moving.  Also, instead of “yield,” you “give way.”

3. The accents.  Oh I love their accents.  I wish I had one.

However, I was surprised by how few British accents we heard in London.  Lots of Eastern European and French.  As the people on the plane told me, “London is not England.”

4. Since it’s summer and they are so far north, the sun did not set until after 9.  We would find ourselves eating dinner pretty late and then wake up to the sun coming up at 4am.

5. I was fully satisfied with the tea.  Each hotel room had tea and tons of shops have an afternoon tea menu.  I got very used to having tea and scones or biscuits in the afternoon.

6. The Scottish and the English still don’t like each other.  The guys we met from Glasgow asked us why in the bloody hell world we would ever want to go to London and England.  The Englishmen said we were wasting our time in Scotland.

When I asked the Scotsmen who they were cheering for in the Euros since Scotland doesn’t have a team, they replied, “Ireland.  Never England.”

7. I got very used to British words.  Rubbish.  Brilliant.  Pram.  Lift.  Queue.  Chap.  Cheers.  Holiday.  Petrol.  Trousers.  Wicked.  Fancy.  Chips.  Crisps.  Lovely.

When I kept seeing signs, “lift this way,” I would say to MamaMummy, “Oh, the lift is over here.”  However, when I asked, “Oh, is this the line for the bathroom?” I was answered, “Yes, where in the States are you from?”  I should have asked about the queue!  I fancied all their words.  I shall start using them!

8. The taxi drivers in London take two to four years to memorize every street in London and must pass a very difficult exam before they can be drivers.  Thus, they are extremely knowledgable.

9. I fell in love with the windowboxes in London.
and the doors!  I love boxwood.  Every house reminded me of The Parent Trap.

10.  If you have the timestamp on your camera, you can never take it off the picture unless you crop it out.  This is probably true in all countries.  Lesson learned the hard way.



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