Day Two: London

Our second day was a Sunday.

I underestimated the size of Hyde Park and we ended up walking the entire thing.  It was really nice to see so much of the park, but it was very hot and much more walking than we wanted to do.

The gardens were gorgeous.
Then we arrived at Kensington Palace at the far end of Hyde Park!  I just knew I’d run into Kate walking Lupo.
Some of the royals (including my favs) live in these apartments!

This was my favorite museum of the trip.  It just reopened a few months ago after a two year transformation.

The first exhibit was of Queen Victoria complete with readings from her diary.

This is the dress she wore when she found out she would be Queen.  She then skipped down the hall to a new life away from a mother who tried to force her to sign the regency papers when she was sick with typhoid fever and when she locked her in her room on her 18th birthday.
The dress above used to lighter, but the artist wanted her to wear white so he painted it that way in the art below.
Me pretending to be Victoria
 Her is her wedding dress and lace from it.  Her waist was tiny.

My second favorite royal couple
The guides were very knowledgeable.  They had all of Victoria’s nine children and their families memorized.

I asked one guide about the accuracy of The Young Victoria, and he said that it was in fact very accurate with one exception.  Prince Albert was actually not shot.  The gunman actually was crazy and shot his own hand but only with gunpowder, not a bullet.  It is reported that when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were watching the movie, during the scene when Prince Albert gets shot, the Queen turned to Prince Philip in her British humor and said, “it’s a bit much.”

There was also a temporary exhibit on Diana’s gowns.
It was even complete with Diana wallpaper
There are pillows of all the residents of Kensington Palace
There was another exhibit on the King’s State Apartments.
There were also items from Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee from 1896.
We then walked over to the Orangery to have lunch, but it was crowded so we ended up having lunch back at KP.
I’m glad we did.  We had one of my favorite meals of the trip.  Yum!!We then walked through a little more of Hyde Park over to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Along the way, we passed everyone in London.

Oh a hot day in London, everyone is out sunbathing.

We also passed the Albert Shrine Memorial.
which is right across from Royal Albert Hall.  Victoria named everything after him.
Outside the V&A
The V&A is free!

I of course enjoyed the exhibits on fashion, jewelry, furniture, and silver although I’ve never seen snuff boxes look so glamorous.I felt like I was at the trophy cases at Wimbledon.It really is a shame that this is in a glass case and not on me.  I’m sure I could make it coordinate with all of my outfits.

While it was still light out (since it stays light out until at least 9), we headed over to the London Eye.

It is pretty expensive, but it is a must in London.  You can see so much of the city and when else do you get to go on a huge ferris wheel.

The line moved pretty quickly.  It takes about 30 minutes to go around the whole wheel, and since there were not any clouds in the sky, we could see very far.  For a pound, I bought a map showing what everything was off in the distance.

This might be where Arsenal plays.  If not them, someone.
South London

I mean really, this view never gets old.
 After the Eye we picked up our first of many sandwiches from Upper Crust.  Brie, spinach or basil, bacon, and cranberry on a toasted baguette.  My gosh, so good.  Diet starts Monday, right?

I realized that our b&b was a block away from the Goring Hotel (for you non-royal followers, this is where the Middletons stayed during the Royal Wedding), so we stopped there on the way back.

They had by far the best decorations for the Jubilee!
 and the best windowboxes!


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