The Cotswolds: Day Four

We took the train the next morning to Bath.

We were going to tour around Bath, but it was starting to rain and after we picked up our rental car we wanted to get out of town to get used to driving.  Plus, Mama was anxious to get to the Cotswolds.

The Cotswolds are an area of England where there are rolling hills, beautiful gardens, and lots of sheep.  There are lots of tiny little villages.  It really is breathtaking.

Here is our ride.  When we got there, we had a bigger car.  After seeing the tiny roads, this car even seemed too big.

Notice the driver sits on the right side of the car.
I reserved an automatic.  They were stunned that I didn’t know how to drive a stick.  Even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to do it with my left hand!

When we first pulled out of the rental car place, there was a car coming and in Mama’s instinct, she went to the right to which I started screaming “LEFT, LEFT, LEFT!”  That was our only hiccup.  I thought I would want to drive but when we got there it was intimidating.  Once I got used to the roads and roundabouts, I was ready to drive!  Mama did a great job the first day though it was hard for be to not be in control (surprise, surprise) sitting in what is our driver’s seat.  It sure felt like we were close to the left side of the road!

Every village in the Cotswolds had bunting for the Jubilee!
 We stopped in Bourton-on-the-Water first.  My mom’s friend loved it.

They call it little Venice.
These mushrooms are so cute. We strolled down Memory Lane.

A door my size
I LOVE this peony!I thought the village was pretty touristy.  In fact, I’m pretty sure we saw half of the retired people in England there.
 This was the scenery the whole drive.  I’m so glad we rented a car to see the countryside.  Just gorgeous.

 We drove over to our b&b in Broadway.  If you are ever in the Cotswolds, stay at The Olive Branch.  They were the nicest people and had the best b&b.  Everything was beautiful.  Plus, there was a rhubarb thing with yogurt for breakfast that I need to remember how to make.  It was delicious.

We walked around Broadway that evening.  What a quaint and lovely town.  It is a place where people actually live and isn’t touristy.

We ate here because I wanted to eat at a real pub.  Plus, it made me think of Notting Hill.
I had a true British meal of steak and ale pie, chips, and peas with a cider to drink.
 We walked around the town after.
Mama picked out some houses
and I said hey to my best friends Kate and Wills
and took an obligatory phone booth shot
We admired the thatched roofs
the bears
the narrow alleys (or close)
and the fact that only in England will a gorgeous plant grow out of this
There was a neat marker with distances to other cities.  Yes, they use miles over there!
and a neat time in history since we were back for the diamond jubilee!


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