Oxford and the train: Day 6

We left our lovely b&b this morning and drove to Oxford.  Many of my friends studied here in college as UGA has a good exchange program with the college.

Oxford was only a little over an hour.  I had to merge onto the highway, but driving on the highway was much easier since the roads were finally wide.  We did figure out that you pass on the right.  The left lane is for slower vehicles.

In Oxford, we parked the car and had a short amount of time.

We went first to Christ Church College.  We didn’t have a map of where we were going, but it was a fairly small town so we just asked a bunch of people.  Luckily, we got a pretty good parking spot.
We took a tour of the college
and then there were some school children.  They all wear uniforms.
In London, the girls had on little bonnets like Anne of Green Gables and the boys wear little hats.  Like so.
 Courtesy: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12896255
Courtesy: http://sewdanish.blogspot.com/2010/07/quilt-exhibition-at-v-london.html

Isn’t that just adorable?!  The kids rode scooters to keep up with their parents.  Precious.

Here is the dining hall for the college.
Look familiar?  Well, it was used for the Hogwarts dining hall!

This is Radcliffe Camera, which is a famous library and in all the pictures of Oxford.I ran back to the car to put money in the meter since we could only do it in hour intervals.  Then, we went to the covered market.

I, the ghost below, picked up a cookie from Ben’s cookie, which was high recommended by Jamie.  It was a chocolate chip cookie with chocolate filling.
 We then walked along the high street and I browsed through some shops and found some great clothes but didn’t feel like spending more money.
We took the car back and as we were sitting in traffic on our two mile drive to the rental car place, which took us at least 30 minutes to drive 2 miles, we passed the pub where C.S. Lewis hung out.

Once we dropped off the car, I felt a little relieved that we were still alive!  We survived the left lane driving!  We then hopped on a train to Edinburgh.

We transfered trains in Birmingham.  This might just be where Aston Villa plays!
The scenery was gorgeous on the way.
Everything is so green!!
We met a nice chap on the train who is from Dundee and said we should explore more of Scotland than Edinburgh.  Guess we will have to go back!

We got to Edinburgh and checked into our hotel.  The train station is actually in a good part of town, and we walked less than half a mile to our hotel, Parliament House Hotel.

We then crashed after a long day of traveling but not after I jumped seeing this waiting for us in our room.  (Notice the tartan curtains!)
 Hello Scotland!


One thought on “Oxford and the train: Day 6

  1. Those curtains are awesome! And it totally makes sense that you pass on the right, but I never would have thought about that. It feels so unnatural.

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