Truffles: mushroom or dessert

For June restaurant club, we went to Truffles Cafe.  It was new to both of us.
 The menu has a good variety and is pretty healthy.  You can take a side from one item and exchange it for the side with your entree or do any mixing.  I like that.  The different options are there for you, but it’s not a blank canvas that you have to come up with your own creation from scratch.

The only time we saw truffles on the menu was with macaroni and cheese, so I’m guessing the name of the restaurant is for the mushroom, not the dessert.

I ordered the spinach salad with I think southwestern dressing and added salmon.  The other nice thing is that their fish is all wild.
Sloan had the same thing but instead with a crab cake per the waiter’s advice.
The salad had kahlua pecans, fuji apples, and chevre cheese.

The cheese was delicious.  It was all very good except my salmon was a little dry but still good!

Sloan then had the brilliant idea of ordering dessert.  We couldn’t be completely healthy with salad.  Plus, we had to do our research.

We opted for the blondie.  According to the menu, it is a blondie brownie with butterscotch and chocolate chips, served with warm vanilla bean ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce, and chocolate drizzle.
Wowzers.  That thing was superb.  The brownie was cooked perfectly and it had so much flavor.  The ice cream even tasted liked it had a baked layer over it.  I loved every bite.

It was a great restaurant club.  We will be going back!


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