I wrote a song for you and all the things you do

Matt got tickets from work to see Coldplay for their Mylo Xyloto tour, so we had very good seats with a suite area for free!
 I’m a Coldplay fan and had  heard they are great in concert, and they were phenomenal!

They walked out to the song, “99 Problems” and I just knew Jay-Z and Blue Ivy would be there since Gwyneth and Beyonce are good friends and Jay-Z and Chris Martin go to each other’s concerts.  Alas, that didn’t happen.

Everyone received a wristband that lit up so Philips looked like this.  The lights would come on for certain songs and flicker with the beat.
They had more props.  For one song, balls dropped from the ceiling and all made their way on stage.  For another song, they had statue type things come out around the arena.  Plus, there was confetti everywhere.
The stage was great because the band would come down and be right in front of us.  This picture is very dark as are all my pictures lately, but they lifted a piano up to the platform and even the drummer was able to come down on the stage.

I love the piano and it was great to see a concert with a piano.  Chris Martin would go from the piano and vocals to the guitar to dancing back to guitar.  His stamina was incredible.  He did not stop jumping or dancing around!He was dancing and doing back bends.  It seems he does lots of yoga.  Their energy really made the concert fun.

The music was great too.  Their voices sounded just as good as if not better than the album.  It really showed they were a class act.  They played mostly new stuff but still some older hits.
For “Princess of China” Rihanna came out.  In electronic form.
At the end, they played, “Georgia on my mind” since the Tabernacle was their first concert in the states.  They said together we were the Atlanta choir singing with four Englishmen.

One of the best parts of the night was the encore.  Chris Martin just appeared at the back of the room amongst the crowd signing.  Then the other members Guy and Johnny came out followed by Will.  A piano just appeared.  What a treat for the people who bought cheap seats.  The played about three or four songs there before coming to the front.  It showed how much they love all of their fans, no matter how much money they paid for tickets.  They want everyone to have a good time.

The concert really was incredible!  High energy, great music and everything kept moving.  One of the best concerts I’ve seen.  I’m definitely a fan of their music, but I’m usually too cheap or too late to know about concerts, but I’d go again!  They put on a show!


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