Melissa and Phillip 7.14.2012

Another former roommate and sorority sister tied the knot last Saturday!

The Dr. and Mrs.!

I loved watching Missy’s dress spin!

Lauren and Chuck

Joey, Katie, Jenna, and Stephen with our table’s classy beer tree.  A step up to the pyramid.
Me and Brie
Melissa and Phillip are a fun couple, so the dance floor was busy all night!

Some of Phillip’s cousins are Jewish, so the men raised them in chairs and we women danced in a circle around them.  Pretty funny since Melissa is a Baptist from a small town.  I’ve always wanted to go to a Jewish wedding, so it was awesome!  If only we could have thrown some plates!
I wasn’t great at taking pictures, which I’m usually not, and Kac wasn’t there for me to steal her pictures off fb like I did for Jackie’s wedding :)

The cake was pretty; plus, there was an ice cream bar where you could build your own sundae.  Yummy!

The other sweet part was that Phillip’s sister was his best “wo”man.

We didn’t do a sorority song, but we did manage to get a group photo at the end (after Hannah left though :(
Congratulations to a fabulous couple!


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