Kacina and Jason came to town to visit Jamie so while the boys played golf, us girls took a little trip to Serenbe, which is southwest of the airport.

What a cute little self-sustaining town!  They even have a general store.  Sadly, the Olesons were out of town.
We went to brunch at the Hil.  All of the food is locally grown.

The food was delicious.  Jamie ordered us cinnamon rolls and carrot bread.  The icing on the cinnamon rolls tasted like pure cream.

I had a frittata with squash, zucchini, potatoes, feta, bacon, and tomatoes.  We also ordered mimosas because we are ladies who brunch.
The meal was delicious.  The cinnamon rolls were my favorite part.

We then were lifted by a crane out of there and walked around the shops.
I thought this was funny
There was a house sponsored by Bosch and Ballards that we toured for free.  It wasn’t my style, but I liked some pieces and got some ideas.

Love the collection of artwork here but don’t love the drapes cut off halfway above the ground.They had the valances through out the house, but I liked it best in the bathroom so you can still get natural light in when you’re putting on make-up.
This mirror is great and I hadn’t though of using it for a bathroom.
This was above the mantle.  I love the little sheep statue on the rock.
The fabric hanging behind the beds was neat but then the window treatment would have to be very basic.

We toured another house down the street that didn’t have any furniture, but I liked the layout much better.
This winding staircase went four flights.
I loved the wrap around porch complete with fans.
The house across the street looked just like the house from Sleepless in Seattle.
We opted not to see the HGTV greenhouse.

If Target was closer, I could live there.  I of course would have to get some of these
It was a great day with my best girls!


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