Movin’ on up

Tonight is my last night in my post-college home that I’ve lived in for three years.

Am I sad about it?

Not really.

I won’t miss finding tiny flies in my cup of water, in the windows, and in my pasta on the stove.  I won’t miss not being able to see into the microwave because it was too high (not because I’m too short).  I won’t miss going four days in August without a/c.

But.  I will miss my fourth roommate.  The master bedroom closet just for me.

Oh and these girls too.  Ok, I’m a little sad.  I have truly loved living with these amazing ladies.  They are encouraging, hilarious, and genuine.
This is my new favorite picture of Sloan.I’m ready for a sleepover with all of them tomorrow night.  Just maybe this time we can watch something other than SVU… :)



4 thoughts on “Movin’ on up

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