Tara & Sean 8.13.12

I went to four weddings and a funeral over six weeks.  Unfortunately, there were not any sightings of Hugh Grant at any of these events.

The third of these weddings was for my childhood best friend, Tara.  We celebrated her bachelorette back in May, so it was fun to be with everyone again for the wedding and this time back in my old town!  Plus, it was a treat to have my parents with me.

On the drive up there, we stopped up in Berea, KY, my mom’s childhood town.
On Friday, we helped get a few things ready and drove past our old house.  It was great getting there early to meet all of Sean’s family and to spend time with the bride and groom.

We had the rehearsal that night
Oh, I just love these girls!  I only lived in the same town as them for three years, but what an amazing friendship we have!

That night, everyone hung out at the hotel bar.  Tons of people came.  It really was a great way for Tara and Sean to get to spend time with all the guests.

However, it made for a late night since I was lucky enough to spend the night with Tara on her last night as a single gal.

We got up early and got ready for the wedding.

Tara’s now sister-in-law did her make-up
Isn’t she lovely?
Her mom was pretty stunned to receive this sweet gift
We let the junior bridesmaids take our picture.  The four of us!
You can tell I was really excited to see old friends at the reception!  It was like a middle school reunion!
The reception was held at the West Virginia State Capitol.  It was a beautiful setting.

All of my friends from middle school!
Congratulations Tara and Sean!  I was incredibly honored to be a part of your wedding!  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two!  (Of course I’m hoping for Atlanta!)

On the way home on Sunday, we drove through wild and wonderful West Virginia.  Most people think it is just a poor state that they’ve never been to, but it really is gorgeous.  And the people are great!    


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