The Real King of Burgers

Restaurant club got a little lazy.  We didn’t go anywhere in July, and for August we went to Five Guys.

We both have been there multiple times, often together.  I first had Five Guys in DC seven years ago when Amanda and I went to visit Laura.  Now, the Obamas go there.  I guess you could say we are trendsetters.

But I had a craving for one and Sloan never turns down a good burger.

We both opted for the little burger and split some fries, which we couldn’t even finish.
Five Guys makes a very good burger and their fries are the perfect combination of crispy and soft with just enough salt.  All in all, a delicious meal.

I saw a documentary on Five Guys a year or two ago and how the farmer who grows all of the potatoes for Five Guys doesn’t have a contract with them.  They just trust that the other one will keep up their arrangement.  Pretty impressive and against today’s norm.

I’m just hoping since Michelle Obama and I eat the same meal, my arms will magically take her shape.


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