Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Football season is back!

We beat the Buffalo Bulls 45-23.  It wasn’t a pretty win, but we won.

It was Sonny and Bev Ben’s birthday!

There was a relay with the game ball from Atlanta to Athens and it ended with Allison Schmitt passing the ball off to Vince Dooley then to Chance Veazey (a former UGA baseball player who had a bad accident and is now paralyzed) and then to Charley Trippi, a WWII veteran who was on the 1942 championship team.  All of the money from the relay went to the Shepherd Center.

How cool to have all of those people there and I loved seeing Allison Schmitt, our Olympic gold medalist!!
How nice to be back in Sanford Stadium!

Other than the heat and my failure to remember to bring sunscreen, the only thing that could have been better is if my tailgating partners were there, but they had good excuses.  Sloan unfortunately had to work and the lady was off getting engaged!!  I’m incredibly excited for Daynes and Brian!

Now to the promise of a Capt’n Franks catered wedding!


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