And now it’s the middle of September?

1. This is old news, but if you didn’t see it on Monday, my boy Andy Murray won his first grand slam!  Not to mention he already won gold at the Olympics this year.

It was a long, long match into five sets, but he did it!
Hopefully now he has the money to pay for a haircut.

2. On another sports note that is even older news, we did it!  We beat Missouri by 21 points, and learned again that Jarvis Jones is a beast!
3. On Labor Day, Alison and I intended to go hiking, but the forecast showed rain, so we decided to go to a museum.  I’ll count this as my cultural event for the month!

We went to the Bodies Exhibit at Atlantic Station.  I’m pretty sure this exhibit has been there for six years, but I had yet to go.
The biggest thing I learned was that using weights helps your muscles and your bones.  I had no idea about the second part.  Also, did you know that you are born with almost 200 bones but as an adult, you only have 120 or so?

The only time we couldn’t really take it was the skin of an entire body laid out like a rug.

I did ok during the fetus exhibit, but at the end when the baby looked like a baby and not a tadpole, I couldn’t stop thinking, this is someone’s child that they lost.

Then, there were the lungs.  If you are healthy, your lungs look like granite.  If you smoke, they look like coal.  Absolutely disgusting.

The entire exhibit was fascinating.  It was a little expensive at $24 for only taking us an hour to go through and we read every sign, but the learning and ability to get that close to science and the cost for the preparation they had to do made it worth it.  The curators of the exhibit did a great job.  (Katie, have you been?)

4. On a completely different note from above, I saw this on Pinterest and laughed and thought of my bacon lovers, Sloan and the Lady.
5. In the South, being 25 and single isn’t as common as you would think.  I love my friends married and not married, but this might be my life right now!  :)

Now, I think I’ll all caught up on my blogging!

Happy weekend!


One thought on “And now it’s the middle of September?

  1. No, I haven’t been yet! I’ve wanted to go but getting up to Atl is never too easy these days… We haven’t been to the aquarium yet either. #failingatlife

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