Dawgs take on Florida Atlantic

I’m still not sure where Florida Atlantic is,  other than the Atlantic side of Florida, but we played them on Saturday.  We did meet some of their fans, and they were all very nice.

For not being a big game, we somehow managed to get a 7:30 kickoff!

We tailgated most of the day.

It was great to see Marissa and Mary Ashley!
Boys take pictures differently than girlsThey are still loving the Muschamp stare And I was lucky to see my newly engaged friend
And Kac too!  Poor Jason, always the picture taker.  And poor me for squinting my eyes in the sun.  Ek!

Russ had the honors of being crowned collared UGA IX!
And then right when the ball was placed on the tee for kickoff, I looked down and saw Sloan running up the stairs!  I was not expecting her until after the first quarter since she had to work until 6 in Atlanta, but she made it just in time!

I was so happy to have her there!
Sanford at night is just beautiful.
Especially with a 56-20 win!


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