Restaurant Club: September 2012

Jamie, Sloan, and I had been talking about going to Fox Brother’s BBQ for a few months.  It is my favorite restaurant in Atlanta and that’s saying something because as Sloan and Whitney would claim, I’m not easily persuaded by food.  Everything is blah to me. Well that’s probably my own fault for not venturing out from meat and potatoes.  But it’s so good, I don’t need to.

Plus, the Fox brothers themselves are from Texas, so you know they do bbq right.  None of this coleslaw on pork stuff.

Monday was Jamie’s birthday, so we went Sunday for lunch.  Luckily we got there right before the lunch crowd.

We had the pleasure of sitting outside and I’m glad we did because Atlanta weather is perfect right now.  On this day it was a high of the 70s with the sun shining.

The other girls had sweet tea, which the birthday girl gave one thump up.  You can’t fault them for this.  Texans, *gasp*, don’t serve their tea sweet.  I don’t know why.
No one asked me how my water was, but since I know my readers care, I would say it was no Deer Park but definitely above Dallas tap water.  If you’ve been to Dallas, you know what I mean.

Jamie had the chicken plate with macaroni and cheese and baked beans.

Sloan had the pork plate with foxaroni (Brunswick stew over macaroni and cheese) and fried okra.

I had the brisket plate (complete with white bread, guilty pleasure) with macaroni and cheese and baked beans.

I think everyone enjoyed their meal.  You can read Sloan’s review here.  It was one of those problems where you want to keep eating because it is so good but you’re full and you really want leftovers.

The brisket is tender, the bbq sauce is top notch, the macaroni and cheese was superb, and the baked beans, oh the baked beans are covered in bbq sauce.  I loved this meal.  Bonus: our food came out within five minutes.

Still my favorite Atlanta restaurant and quality time with these two beautiful ladies!


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