I’m no Imelda Marcos

But I do love shoes.

I’ve been looking for riding boots for a few years now but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Mainly because they’re expensive and my calves are big.  Except when discussing this issue with my friends and my big sister, it seems that there are many of us who can’t fit into regular boots.  Who are you people with skinny calves?  I envy your ease of shopping for boots.

The other problem with riding boots is that of course you want genuine leather but it’s expensive but probably worth it in the end.

Piperlime doesn’t have that many to choose from but they are cute.

Frye never stops delivering gorgeous boots
These are available at Nordstrom though of course only online.  The reviews do say that the ankle is wide like the calf so the ankle bunches up when walking.  At Nordstrom, the lady said they have a stretch machine that could stretch the calf out for me!

Target has these at only $75, but they aren’t wide calf though they do say they are genuine leather

J. Crew has these
and these
The first ones keep going on sale, so that might the winner though I like the second ones better.

Then, there’s the choice of brown vs. black.


One thought on “I’m no Imelda Marcos

  1. Sarah, pull the trigger! I have never regretted the >$200 I spent on my j.crew leather boots. They were 50 percent off, Italian leather goodness in brown :) I love them! I think you can wear brown boots with anything or at least I do wear them with anything…

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