Italy on a Tuesday

I heard about this really good pizza place from my friend Kathleen and then James heard it was really good and Whitney and Annie confirmed and then everyone on instagram was eating there and it just kept coming up.

So resturant club took that as a sign and went to Antico Pizza for October.

It was like stepping into Italy.  Except we were actually in Atlanta’s westside.

First off, if you don’t want pizza don’t go.  It’s all they have.  In fact, they only recently received a liquor license, but they still don’t have a corkage fee, so bring wine!

Secondly, don’t go on a weekend unless you’re willing to wait a long time and don’t expect to sit with your group.  The seating is picnic style.  You just sit wherever.  Luckily, I had heard this so we went late and avoided a wait!

This is probably the only restaurant in Atlanta that night that showed the Dynamos game.    We should go back for the World Cup next year!

Sloan and I split a margherita pizza, since that is the thing to get.  It comes out on a cookie sheet and you eat right off it.
Now, the pizza.  Oh.  My.  Word.

This might be our best restaurant club yet.

The cheese was delicious.  The crust, oh the crust.  It was the perfect combination of chewy and tough for a thin pizza.  Plus, it had this flavor that was fabulous.  The basil.  The sauce.  I was in love.
Thank you Antico owners for immigrating from Naples.


One thought on “Italy on a Tuesday

  1. Seba saw Antico on tv as one of the best places to get pizza in the U.S. so we went and loved it! get one of the kinds with riccotta. soo good!

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