Pink shirt? No, it’s a faded salmon color.

Back in the spring, I bought some cropped pants at H&M for about $10.  And they were red.  Not fire engine red but a lighter red.  I thought, these will be fun for spring and summer and then I can even wear them to Georgia games in the fall, so I did on Saturday.

Not so fast my friend.

I thought I looked cute, but when I got to the game, everyone wanted to know why I was wearing pink.

Standing alone, they looked red to me, but after multiple washings and in a sea of red, they were pink.
I was a little self-conscious the rest of the day, but it’s a good thing I bleed red and black!

Also good that we won!  And that K-State and Oregon lost!
After the game, I went dancing with a wonderful group of friends.  It was bittersweet because our girl Emily is moving.  We will miss her, but she won’t be too far!
A Georgia win + a night of dancing makes for a perfect Saturday!


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