50 Reasons to be Thankful

In church last week, the lesson was on being thankful not for your circumstances but in your circumstances.  Food for thought.

So I’m doing a list of 50 reasons I’m thankful on Thanksgiving again!

2011 Thankful List

and now 2012!

1. Mama, Daddy, Laura, Amanda, Matt, Seba, and the new one on the way.  Plus, my wonderful extended family in Texas.

2. My Disciple class and teachers.  They are making me want to come to class and really want to read the Bible.  Plus, I’m really learning from it and everyone in the class.

3. Downton Abbey.  Really Mary and Matthew. And for those who let me see season 3 earlier than the rest of America.

4. My trip to England this summer.  We saw so much (hello Wills and Kate!), went to so many places and had fantastic weather, and I treasured the one-on-one time with my Mama.

5. Jesus’ grace.  By golly I need it every.  single.  day.  hour.  minute

6. Having roommates and the ridiculous comments and videos we make together.  They make me never want to live with a boy.  Boys could never be this fun or have good enough advice on outfit choices.

7. Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds

8. That I’m healthy and can go running

9. Peonies, tulips, azaleas, hydrangeas, magnolias, and all pretty flowers

10. Thanksgiving for being the best holiday:  food, family, and football.  As much as I would love to move abroad, I’d really miss Thanksgiving.

11. The HOPE scholarship.  Thankfully I graduated without student loans!  (Also thanks to M&D on this one too)

12. My church for the great teaching and support it provides

13. Being raised in a two parent home with parents who are actively involved and always loving.  Not everyone is so lucky.

14. My Sunday School and all of the wonderful friends I’ve made through it

15. Youtube.  Instagram.  Pinterest.  Twitter.  and I suppose facebook.  I’m addicted to social media.

16. The horse park for giving me the ability to help others while getting to work with horses

17. Being part of a wonderful organization like Junior League

18. A change of seasons

19. Having a job that I really enjoy

20. Cowboy boots

21. Brisket

22. My DVR

23. My love for dancing

24. Google Reader so I can stay connected with my “friends”

25. My friends

26. Hot tea so I don’t have to be a coffee drinker

27. Being a Texan.  And a West Virginian.  And Georgian.  And I guess a German.  But mostly a Texan.

28. That Mama is a nurse.  This helps since webmd is adamant that I’m on my deathbed.

29. That I found out my family is from England.  Now I just have to trace the royal blood line…

30. That I have the ability to financially support myself

31. Flats.  Riding boots.  Wedges.  Heels.  Cowboy boots.  Pumps.

32. Having curly hair.  It always has to be washed but it is unique.

33. Living in a free country

34. Being Southern.

35. Having such a good middle school experience.  In fact, I had great friends growing up at every school.

36. Having season tickets.  What a privilege!  Plus, this season has taken a turn for the positive!

37. That I have traveled throughout most of the US, different parts of Canada, and lots of Europe.  I love seeing this magnificent world.

38. That I learned how to ski at an early age.  I’m not great by any means but it seems something that would be difficult to learn later.

39. That we moved a few times growing up.  I hated it and cried when it happened, but it made me a better person in the end.  Plus, now I have friends all over!

40. That I don’t have to think about where my next meal is coming from or if I can pay my power bill.  So many don’t have that luxury

41. That I still have a relatively working metabolism.  I will hate it when that goes.

42. On that note, pie.  Apple.  Peanut Butter.  Pecan.  Lemon.  Buttermilk.  Any kind, I’ll eat it.

43. The color navy

44. Authors so I always have such great works to read

45. Whoever brought leggings back

46. Good customer service.  Makes me love Publix and Chick-Fil-a.  My pleasure.

47. Target.  This is more of a love hate relationship because it takes all my money but I love it.

48. Finding a good deal.  (Like getting my new boots 40% off!  Plus, there were like 3 really nice people helping me with them.  It was magical and made up for all the times I’ve walked away from buying clothes because they were 6 inches too long.)

49. Pandora so I can be somewhat recent with my music

50. Having more than 50 reasons to be thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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