11 out of 12 has a nice ring to it

We beat Tech again this year!
It was a really windy and cold game when you sit in the shade, but we had fun!  Beating Tech is always fun!

Billy made good use of the iphone camera when we thought he was taking a picture of us!
Jon and Kiki were in town, so the boys took a Civil War picture.  I think that means they can’t smile.
And then I caught James mid-laugh

After the game we had a low country boil
And next week we take on Alabama for the SEC championship.  If we win, we head to the national championship.  This is unreal.  I hope it happens so much!  We’ve never been this close to a national championship in my life.  I’m just a little worried about Nick Saban, but I still believe!

Now, if anyone has SEC tickets, hook a sister up!

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