Beef: It’s what’s for dinner

We skipped restaurant club for November because we were poor at planning, so we took December’s restaurant choice up a notch.

We went to Hal’s, which claims to have the best steak in Atlanta.  It’s like a scene from Mad Men as the place is filled with scotch and cigars.
hals_frontThe steaks are expensive (about $40), but the smallest filet was 12 oz, so they let us split it, which let us order more sides and a glass of wine!

Oh, heavens.  It was the best filet I’ve ever had.  Tender and cooked perfectly.

Plus, the sides were great.  I loved the caramelized onions with the potatoes, and Sloan thought the creamed spinach was “where it’s at.”

We had a great time together.  Lots of talking and eating really good food.

If I was rich, I’d eat here once a month.  I haven’t been to many steakhouses in Atlanta, but this one surely has to be at the top.



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