This will be an everlasting love

Once upon a time there was a girl.
We went to high school together and had a few classes together

A nice boy from my statistics class asked her to prom.
Sparks were flying.

She and I decided to room together at UGA.
It was the best year of my life.
We called ourself R4L, Roommates for Life.
We stayed up quizzing each other over Home Alone 2 trivia.
She threw socks at me when I had a cold and snored like a grandpa.

Meanwhile, the boy was in his freshmen year at school in Chicago,
but he came to visit.

He eventually came to UGA as well
and was a star on the hockey team.

The girl and I were no longer roommates
but we were still great friends
and even took trips together

After college, she moved to St. Louis for grad school
and the boy stayed in Atlanta.

But they were still together.
and happy.
and great for each other.

Now that they’re both in Atlanta and
now that it is nearly 8 years after senior prom
he asked for her hand
(after asking her dad of course)
and then invited all of their friends and family for a night out Drew, I’ll let you take my position as roommate for life. Congratulations Marissa and Drew!


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