Kickin it up a Notch

I can’t claim that I’ve been eating well-cooked dinners lately, so when I had to cook two different meals for church last weekend, I was glad to be back in the kitchen.

The first was for a chili cook-off.  I made a chili I hadn’t made before, Texas chili.  I wanted to use Homesick Texan’s recipe, but this one looked easier.

Texas chili doesn’t have beans, and this one was pretty meaty and manly.

I discovered my mandoline slicer, which allowed me to cut an onion without a single tear.  New favorite kitchen tool!

And then it was 11:13 at night and I realized I didn’t have chili powder.  When I visualized my pantry when making my grocery list, I guess I was picturing my big jar of cinnamon.  Good thing I remembered my best friend lives within walking distance!
Then, it cooked all night and by the end of the cook-off, it was down to this!
I can’t say I would make this chili again as it’s too spicy for me, but we did raise $900 for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

The second recipe was taken from my friend Anna Claire after she made it at a party last weekend.

Mexican wrap=perfect party food
My sous chef Youtube told me how to wrap egg rolls.
Maybe now I’ll be inspired to do more cooking this week.

Maybe not.


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